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Thread: Can't seem to render in Vegas 6

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    Default Can't seem to render in Vegas 6

    I just did a project that is all stills. The total length of the project on the timeline is 2:03.27 hrs long. I went to render as an mpeg2, and avi, and while it was rendering, it showed 3 pictures from the middle of the project on the preview screen. That is all it did was 3 pictures, and then said that it was 100%. It took about 5 seconds to render. When I go to the rendered file, it plays those 3 pictures and that's it. File is 3 seconds long. What could cause this?
    And seeing that the duration of each still is 6 seconds, and the project is 2:03.27 hrs. long, that's alot of pictures. I wonder if my VEG file is okay? The size of it is 1.06mb

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    Sorry, I figured it out. There was a region set for that area. I didn't know how to get rid of it, so I stretched it out to make the whole project a region. I do have a couple of questions though. One, how do you get rid of a region, and how do you delete markers? I can delete them one at a time, but how do you delete all at once. I think this is how all this happened. I was trying to delete a bunch of markers, and ended up settting a region.

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    ON the render settings screen there is a tick box for 'render loop region only', turn this off and renders whole project.

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    Zasker goets it righttehee.

    It's best practice to get used to using the redser region in vegas. Once you are used to it you will reaslise why its there in the first place and how useful it is.

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