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Thread: any video plays fine for exactly 4:56, then locks

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    Default any video plays fine for exactly 4:56, then locks

    This is a new installation of APP v7.0 on WinXP Pro SP2, P4 2.8Ghz, 2.0GB DDR2, 512MB PCI Express Video, 2x80 GB SATA HDD's. I captured some video from MiniDV in Microsoft Movie Maker. Having been an old user of Premiere 6.0 as a commercial maker and wedding videographer, I quickly tired of the playful interface of MS Movie Maker.

    When I import the video I captured into APP, and drop the entire clip on the timeline, I can preview exactly 4:56 of it. I have tried other videos which I have captured. I can play them all with MS Movie Maker and Windows Media Player without problem. It does not matter if I razor and move the clips around. It will only play up to that point. The picture freezes on the last frame at that point and the sound gets really annoying.

    Any ideas?


    PS. Thanks for the great forum. I have learned a tremendous amount this evening just browsing the last 50 posts. Awesome site.

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    Go to C:\documents and settings\(your username)\adobe\premiere\(version number)\preview files\ and delete all those files, it may be causing you to lock up!
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