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    If anyone has any patriotic videos Id love for you to add them to my site, allot of military men and women visit the site so maybe a chance to show them a Thank You....
    The sight is below in my signiture block.


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    I suspect you might like these 2 videos that I found and posted to my site. They appear to be uncensored (most stuff is very censored by the US army) videos made by soldiers.

    I posted them on my site cos I found them poingent and very moving, perhaps for rather differnet reasons to your liking for vids of this type?

    I find them disturbing but i shant go on as this isnt the appropriate board.

    Feel free to rip / link them. PLease link to the page and not just the video file. I am not a hosting service and will remove direct vid links. Thanks.

    I have other vids of this type that I wouldnt show as they go much much further in showing the horror of war and dehumanising effects it has on people.

    Hard for me not to sound preachy I am afraid !

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    Do you want me to film churchills grave?

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