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Thread: Studio 9 continuoues play DVD

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    Default Studio 9 continuoues play DVD

    Any one know if it is possible to loop a DVD so it will continuouesly play (for a trade show). Much appreciated if you can share how to do this.

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    Not sure about other apps, but in Sony DVDA you simply set the end action of the movie to return to the beginning.

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    Think this might be what you're looking for.

    On the Romskye site there is a tuturial for a self looping film.


    Lots of other tutorials on there as well all for studio users.

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    I needed to do the exact same thing. But rather than faff with DVD editing. Just put the whole track as a menu. It would auto-loop then! You can still have a menu and just have the loop bit as menu 2.

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    If you already have the dvd just push repeat on the dvd remote control! crude but effective, Otherwise at the author stage simply set end action to loop

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