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Thread: subtitle film with no video

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    Default subtitle film with no video

    Problem: I have one film that needs to show subtitles from one of 5 languages. I don't want to overlay subtitles on 4 additional copies of the video (why copy the video 5 times if it doesn't change?) - what I want is to create 4 (transparent) avi files that contain ONLY the subtitles on a timeline so I can stream the video and correct subtitle film concurrently (with RealVideo).
    I cannot find a video editor that can create an AVI file from scratch (no video feed), where I can literally create a transparent video that contains only text.
    Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

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    Although being able to create transparent layers, I feel that creating an AVI in a video editing application will invariably create an end file which isn't transparent. In effect, the transparency is an internal effect used in the editing process. I may be wrong on this.

    Unfortunately I have not considered before the possibilty of creating mutiple subtittle tracks, but agree that re-encoding your video with several diiferent tracks is a waste of resources (and certainly isn't done in DVDs!).

    An initial google search resulted in the following links:

    I think the last one is the most promising. I also feel this suggests my initial thoughts may be correct.

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