Okay, I know this has been talked about a million times, but using the search tool i could not come up with any results. I can't figure out how to properly de-interlace my footage. I can 'reduce interlace flicker' and such, but i can't remove the flicker completely. I captured the video in ArcSoft Showbiz 2 (A no-name amateur product), as an MPEG 2 file, with the video standard set as NTSC_M, (I'm from Canada, don't know if it's different in Europe). In the live preview screen, it looks fine in realtime during the recording, but once I watch the footage after in Real Player, the interlace flicker is there again. I have Adobe Ater Effects 6.5 Pro, and Adobe Premier Pro, but I cannot figure out how to de-interlace this footage. Or maybe I'm recording from the camera incorrectly. I'm not sure, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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