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Thread: Windows Media Player Visualisations

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    Default Windows Media Player Visualisations

    Has anyone got any ideas on how I might go about capturing the visualisations from Windows Media Player to an AVI file (or similar)?

    It occurred to me that some of the visualisations I have might make good loops for the background of DVD menus. Well, worth trying anyways, but I've no idea how to capture it, if it can be done.

    Can't remember the exact version number id WMP but it is bang up to date. Also, I run Windows XP Pro SP1 - also bang up to date.


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    I think you should be able to do this with Windows Media Encoder - I belive that offeres screen capture.

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    Default Recording visualisations as avis

    If you play the visualisations full screen on a TFT, set your camera square on and shoot. I did it for a background to a title sequence, and it worked fine. The great thing is, you can alter the brightness, colour, speed, and add effects -- create your own. (Won't work on a tube screen, you'll get banding.) You might need to alter the exposure manually. Try it.

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