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Thread: Is this a good graphics card?

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    Default Is this a good graphics card?

    Link to Graphics Card

    If not I need to find one on this website I have shown ( that doesn't exceed $300.
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    Yep it's a nice card.

    Personaly, I'd chose the Nvidia 6800GT model over the ATI, simply because I'm an Nvidia kinda guy.

    However, make sure you get the right board for your motherboard. No use getting a PCI-e card for an AGP based motherboard

    A x800XL or 6800gt in either a AGP/PCI-e based model will do you fine, though. Just get the right model

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    Awesome...I'm just looking for one that is good for gaming and even better for vid editing.

    BTW, how can you find out what is compatible with your motherboard or not?
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    Do you know the model of your motherboard? If not, you'll need to open it up and have a quick look.

    Link #1

    That green one is an AGP slot

    Link #2

    Those are PCI-e slots

    Their isn't all the much difference between the two, just be sure which one you have before you order coz if you get the wrong one, it'll be a complete waste of time!

    If you're PC is older than a year then I'm pretty much 100% sure it'll be AGp, anyway. If you're rig is really quite old, you may be better off getting something like the 6600gt because your CPU, RAM, etc. will just bottleneck the card anyway and you won't get full performance.

    Good luck, though!

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    I have the x800 xt card (pci-e) and it rocks, play half life 2 with all settings turned on, far cry with them all turned on, and work in Lightwave with no problem at all (that just may be my system though
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    dont get confused. A good graphics card does nothing in helping with video editing. Only if you are using open GL engine specific software like after effects does it come into play. So if you think a card will improve performace on editing it wont. I use a cheap as chips 256 nvidea and it does everything i need, inclusding the afterfx stuff.

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