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Thread: Would a dell comp be good for editing?????Need info!!

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    Default Would a dell comp be good for editing?????Need info!!

    Hi im new to editing an only been doing it for a few months but my computer is not fast enough for editing so I want to upgrade to new comp..I was thinking of getting a dell comp because they have really good prices.Would a dell be good for editing if I upgrade the memory to 2-3gb of ram?An a 80gb or more of hard disk space plus a external hard drive of 150gb for my video files..Someone please help me out..Also i was thinking of getting a dell 20 or 23inch widescreen monitor..Any advise on monitors??

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    It will be a good pc as long as you have about 3ghz of processor speed.
    The more ram, the better

    Hope this helped you!
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    Also, do not get an external hard drive. Get the extra hard drive but make it an internal one. It will not only save you cash but is more likely to be supported by whichever s/w manufacturere you opt to go with.

    If you can go more than 150Gb then that would be better. You'll be suprised how quickly it gets eaten up.

    Oh, and make sure whatever PC you get has a firewire port on it.

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    Im my opinion buying a retail pc is pricey, its good for things like customer support and warranties. when looking for a good editing pc its good to have top of the line hardware, at least a 3.0gHz with 1025 ram or more and lots of hdd space(250gig+ for multiple projects) . the hdd should have 16 mb cache because i think they make a crucial part of speed. External hdd are nice if your thinking of using the same data on different pcs but they get a little pricey. Buying an external case and a hdd for it is a smart way to go because this way you can switch hdds from case to case and it makes it an upgradable package. Also a fast respond monitor when looking in to the LCDs makes a really nice package.

    consider building a pc from scratch there are lots of websites out there that will help you in that process.

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    DELLS ARE NO GO AREAS!!!!!! They are the worst pcs that i have come across, they are for pc users that dont know what they are doing when building a pc, and very hard to upgrade. if i was you id take as much money as i had and go down to my local independent computer store and say yo guys... hook me up with the best things you can with this money tell them what you want your pc for and they will do it at DISCOUNT ... key word there discount lol. another thing you could do is, depending on where you live id check out some pc part websites like, and they are very good and the parts they supply are of good quality, my first choice whenever i decide to build a new rig from scratch. good luck
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