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Thread: Recording 'Through' Graphics Card onto Canon XM2.

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    Default Recording 'Through' Graphics Card onto Canon XM2.

    Hey Peeps, I should mention i am new to these forums, though pleased to have found them.

    Im currently at college in Leeds (UK) and i've borrowed a canon XM2 (lovely bit of kit) in order to 'record' from my PC some in'game footage of a level i have designed and constructed.

    Im running a PC with Windows XP and an ATI Radeon 9800pro graphics card WITH S-Video out capability. Considering this, and listening cafefully-ish to the tutor, i got the impression i could stick 1 end of an S-Video cable into the PC, the other end into the Camera, stick the camera onto 'CAMERA' mode, hit record and it'd record everything i 'output' though the graphics card. (mirroring my monitor display on the camera)

    Alas, this being a project near completion, technology is pinning me to the wall. Any thoughts on how i can record ultimatly onto a Mini-DV tape from my graphics card?

    Thank you for your time, Daniel.

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    Hey again chaps,

    No problems i figured it out. In the camera settings i turned on av/dv in the menu. Then using the 'handel' controls you can set it to record like a vcr, very clever.

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