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    I'm trying to emulate the SKY advert (The one which starts on a clip of something and then slowly zooms out to reveal hundreds of clips linked together forming the sky logo). Does anyone have any idea on how to achieve this using either Premier Pro or After Effects 6.5?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Sounds like you want a "video wall". Plenty of tutorials out there for this, including:

    Of course, this won't be 'exactlty' what you want, but it gives you the tools to do what you want.

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    If this is what i suspect it is then it will take forever. Hundreds of little PIPs. Good luck.

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    Thanks for your help. I've actually figured out how to do it now and it is indeed going to take forever. I'll post my results when I'm done (If it all works out well!).

    Thanks for the link to the video wall tutorial, it's a nice little technique that I hadn't considered so hopefully i can put it to good use.

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