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    I need to add a star effect to a shot in a short production. Someone needs to suddenly appear, in a puff of stars.

    Could someone give me some advice on how to do this? I just...don't really know where to start..haha.

    Thanks alot everyone!

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    Hi Kyle

    Depending on what software you have access to you might be able to produce something like what you are looking for but then again maybe not. You could use a particle system in After Effects and overlay it onto the video. To get someone to appear in a scene is quite simple - just use a jump cut. This means you film the empty scene with the camera on a tripod for a few seconds then stop recording. Get the person to stand in the scene and tell them to jump up once after you shout action. If their appearance has been unplanned get them to look around and act startled. You would then add your star effect at the jump cut to disguise it. Hope this helps.

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    Sorry on my lack of detail earlier, I was in quite a hurry. Re-reading it, it's just the kind of topic i'd hate to give the writer some help to if it were on a subject I were skilled in, haha.

    I will use After Effects for it, yes The jump cut I understand, easy enough, it's just the partical effect. I'll have a go tomorrow, and post my results.


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    Sorry for the double post.

    I had a quick go in the Pixel Playground in aftereffects...haha. Didn't really come to anything :/

    Could you give me a little more advise on how to get the effects I desire?

    I'll try messing round with bluring the particles afterwards and what not, but any thing else would help...Thanks!

    Thanks alot, I hope using this forum I can get to grips with AE a little more.

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    Glad I could help with 50% of the problem, unfortunately I can't help with the particle generator as my main pc had to go back to HP to get a Bad BIOS Checksum fixed (see other postings on this forum) and won't be back for two weeks. I'm stuck using a 'stand in' for the time being with no software on it. But the general idea is you'll have to create a star shape in a image editor and get AE to make many different sizes and variations of it.

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