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Thread: Capturing VHS to DVD - sound out of sync

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    Default Capturing VHS to DVD - sound out of sync

    I was wondering how to solve this problem: I am trying to convert VHS tapes to DVD through my computer. I have a Pinnacle AV DV card and am using their software. My problem is that the sound and video are constantly out of sync. I have been able to get it where in the beginning the sound matches the video, but towards the end they are out of sync. How has anyone solved this problem?
    The card only has a video input I have noticed. The sound input goes through the standard sound card. What can be done to sync up the two? I have tried everything I can think of - surely there must be a way...

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    Do you know what rate your audio is being captured at? And second question what is the spec of your computer?

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    my pc is a p4 3G processor, 1G ram, 250G hard drive...
    I also have a Gforce 5500 video card

    I am not sure what rate the audio is being captured at. I connect the vcr to the pc through the pinnacle card and the sound is hooked up through the sound card on the motherboard. When capturing the video, it starts out being in sync (sound and video) but towards the end, the sound and video are completely out of sync...

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