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    is there a free ftp out there to where it can upload videos and make the link my website address?? for example the link should be kinda like smart ftp but free lol thanksss

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    I think if you go to and type in

    free video hosting


    free file hosting

    you should find a plethora of available sites, most of them make money by adding advertising and their preferred links to the page that displays your actual video.

    If you are asking that the 'user' or 'consumer' of your product will think that they are still on 'yourname' website you are going to be dissapointed.

    It works like this

    1) A business spends millions and sets up servers and 'rents out' slices of disk space and bandwidth to you, you can wind up with a long URL to your video, but there is no advertising. They make their money directly from you.

    2) A business spends millions and sets up servers and lets you have a slice of their drivespace and bandwidth for free but they place advertisements on the page. They make money from the advertisers.

    The key is... they gotta make some money.

    Your ISP might offer you free webspace with your account, you might want to check this out. Then you register a domain name and 'point' it to your paid for web space and configure it to 'mask' the destination url. People will then think they are on 'your' webserver when they are served up a video. (at least if you post your videos with your ISP then you have already paid for it). It isn't 'free' in this sense but more like, using what you have already paid for.

    hope you find a solution
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