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    Hi, I'm a new member and hope somebody out there can help. I've been running Studio 7 with DC10 plus analogue capture card and Win 98. Just upgraded to Studio 9 and Win XP. Studio will not recognize DC10+ capture card. When I run the Pinnacle Assistant Test I get the message "DC10plus software installation is faulty". The Test report states: c\win\system32\drivers\dcxxmjpeg.sys version 0.00.000 is missing". I've tried Pinnacle Support and all they suggest is to make sure I have downloaded all the latest drivers for Studio 9 and DC10+, which I have done. Can anyone make sense of this? The capture card worked perfectly in Win 98. I've also tried reloading Studio 7, but this makes no difference, so the problem seems to be with Win XP. I'm running Service Pack 2, but there are no danger warnings on Pinnacle web site about Service Pack 2. :(

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    The problem is actually the lack of drivers for XP. Pinnacle haven't produced DC10 drivers for versions of Windows newer than 2000. I know a guy who owns the same piece of hardware and has some tweaked 2000 drivers... maybe I can get them for you. Anyway you should upgrade that card...

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    Thanks svhs; that begins to make sense.You suggest upgrading the card. What do you suggest? I'm quite happy working with Pinnacle Studio so it would need to be compatible.

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    Well, stepping up from DC10+, which was a very good and reliable device, but is now history, I'd say you take a look at that Pinnacle Studio AV/DV Deluxe. PCI card and breakout box with S-Video, Composite and Firewire inputs and outputs, bundled with Pinnacle Studio Plus and other software. All for about $ 160 or so. It's a bargain.

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