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    I've created a project with studio 9, the project includes photos i took, some video, and special effects that comes with the software.
    the length of my project is about 50 minutes. when i'm trying to create a avi file, the size of the file is 12 GIGA!!!! and i wonder if the metrix movie take only one DVD disc how can it be that my movie, which i'm sure is not at the same level of the metrix need 3 dvd discs?
    I think it's something that related to the CODEC, i tried all the CODEC and the best resualt i got was 6 GIGA.
    i'm sure i'm doing something wrong, How can i make my 50 minutes movie to be burned on one cd (VCD Quality).


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    sounds like your avi settings were set to use the DV-AVI codec the same as your camera, so the file you create would be uncompressed.

    Are you looking to put your work on a cd(vcd) or DVD.I wasn't too sure from what you posted.

    On the make movie tab in studio, if you click on the disc tab you can change the settings for the type of disc and codec you want to use.

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    What i want to do, is create an AVI file, but with normal size and quality (So i could burn it on a 700MB CD). Does it make sense that 50 minutes movie will take more then 700 MB?

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    Then go to the make movie tab and click on the disc tab.

    On there you should see the different setings for dvd vcd etc.

    just select vcd and you should be good to go.

    you may need to adjust the bitrate but its all there on that page.

    For more specific details on the various output options see the manual, this stuff is all covered in there. I'm at work at the mo, so doing this from memory.

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