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    Default Fashion show intro

    I have to do a work to school where in After Effects to a ficticious Fashion Show. Im must have only around 20 / 30 seconds, and must have obvious but simply AE effects going on.

    Any ideas? Does anyone has made something like this? Please help! :o


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    You mean an opening title sequence? You'll also need a closing title sequence as they act like book ends for your production. Have you got any video clips of male or female models doing that walk they do? Perhaps you could have flash bulbs going off and have a different scene after each flash goes off.

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    Default ...

    Just opening credits. Not closing credits.
    Very short, like 30 seconds.

    I still have to search some footage of male and female (mostly female, eh eh!) models walking.
    Any more ideas?

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    I'm having some trouble in finding some "model walking" footage, like in FashionTV.
    Any help/link you found would be great.

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    Maybe this would be a start:

    Found by searching google with the search term 'fashion tv wmv' in google.

    Direct link to the video in that page is - NY - Day1.wmv Catwalk footage starts at around 1:30.

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    thank you. The problem in tha Ftv website is that the video isnt "downloadabel".

    But a friend send me some footage. Its ok, now.

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