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    Can someone suggest what settings to make when you want to convert a .AVI to a WMV using Windows Media Encoder.

    When I stream in my DV AVI from my camcorder it usually is in the region of ~8GB. Now sometimes I would like to place it on a CD, but I usually guess what settings to make for it to fit on a CD, say a 700MB one.

    Any help please to minimise loses, the last one I did the files size was reduced from 8.7GB to 336Mb, so could have used another 264MB on the CD.

    This is for AVI files that are to be played on the PC.


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    Sorry, this probably isn't going to help much, but in my (minimal) experience, if you want to play it back on PC you will need software that will also deinterlace your video. I haven't found a satisfactory solution yet.

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    Windows Media Encoder will deinterlace the video.

    Its the other settings, i.e. get the 8GB AVI onto a 700MB CD in WMV format.

    When you select options I can't see that will be the output file size until the process has completed (may take some time). Then it may be too big for the CD.

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