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Thread: Assembling Error

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    Default Assembling Error

    I streamed in 42 minutes of video from my camcorder ~ 8.5 GB of data .AVI file.

    Got it on the timeline and all OK.

    But when it comes to producing a DVD (Export to DVD) it keeps failing.

    It reports an Assembling Error when in the Recording Process.

    This takes about 5 hours to occur.

    I am using a 1.67GHz processor and have ~30 GB of disk free.
    I have burnt larger and smaller DVD's before without this problem.

    Any suggestions please!?!

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    details details detail plaese. But only if you really want help.

    What s/w? What options chosen? What settings used?

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    Using Premier Pro V7.0

    Settings for the burn are:-

    Disc Name: 20052811_183407
    Timeline Markers: No
    Loop Playback: No

    PAL DV High quality 4Mb VBR 2 Pass
    Comment: High quality, low bandwidth VBR transcoding of DV content (max bit rate = 7)

    Codec: MainConcept MPEG Video
    Quality: 5.00(high quality)
    TV Standard: PAL
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    Frame Rate: 25 fps
    Program Sequence: Interlaced
    Field Order: Lower
    Bitrate Encoding: VBR
    Encoding Passes: Two
    Target Bitrate (Mbps): 4.0000(low quality)
    Maximum Bitrate (Mbps): 7.0000(high quality)
    Minimum Bitrate (Mbps): 1.5000(low quality)
    M Frames: 3
    N Frames: 12

    Codec: PCM Audio
    Sample Rate: 48 kHz

    Export Range: Entire Sequence
    Fields: Lower
    Maximize Bitrate: No
    Force Variable Bitrate: No

    DVD Burner
    Burner: G:\LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1673S
    Speed: Auto
    Burner Status: Ready
    Number of Copies: 1
    Record Options: Record

    Hope this helps in the search for a solution.

    Its just this .AVI, worked OK last time.

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    hi i am new to this and i am having the exact same problem any help please!!!

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    All I can suggest is delete the AVI file, defrag the hard and re-capture the AVI and try again.

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