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Thread: Moving Filmstrip with Moving Footage

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    Default Moving Filmstrip with Moving Footage

    I want to create an effect I saw on TV. It was a moving filmstrip and each frame had moving footage of the program/s that where to be shown that day.
    I have the Adobe suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore & Photoshop CS2) and know it can be done in AVID XPRESS DV - PRO (see link , but I don't have this program and I cannot seem to be able to make the transitional leap from AVID to Effects.
    Are there any links to FAQs or tutorials out there?
    Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

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    This is eay in Premiere Pro by keyframing motion and using resize. Both of these are default effects.

    The above uses stills, but you can equally use video.

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    Exactly what I needed. Many thanks.

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