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Thread: Problem with new SATA drive

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    Default Problem with new SATA drive


    Recently, I've upgraded from PATA drive to a new SATA drive. This is when I start to get very slow rendering speed.

    Checking on WIndows Task Manager, my CPU utilization is only 49%, where previously it was always at 100% during rendering. Memory available is at roughly 170MB.

    Here PC spec:
    Windows XP Profesional
    Studio 9.4
    AMD Sempron 2500+
    512MB DDR400 Kingston
    MSI K8N Neo3 (nforce4-4x chipset)
    MSI ATI Radeon X1300 256MB
    40GB Seagate <-- for windows
    80GB WesternDigital 8MB 7200RPM SATA <-- for video file
    80GB Seagate 2MB 7200RPM PATA <-- previous hdd for video file

    I'm thinking that the SATA drive cannot feed enough data for the CPU to process, thus the low CPU and RAM utilization. Do you guys/gals face this problem ? Is this a known problem ?

    Thanks for the help !

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    On a side note, (for those who is using SATA drive) do you guys encounter a similar problem ? If you don't, can I know what is your system spec ?

    Thanks for the help, and I realise its thanksgiving in the States, so Happy Thanksgiving !

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    I use to use a 200GB Maxtor SATA but replaced it with a 250GB Seagate SATA after about a year because the Maxtor started to die slowly and would eventually drop offline during rendering - still don't know why. In swapping drives between SATA ports I found that the connectors could easily be loosened and affect performance. Check your connections, try the new disk in another machine or try another SATA drive if you can. When they work, SATA drives are perfect for rendering.


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    My system specs are as follows:

    Sony Vaio Workstation
    3.4 gigahertz pentium 4 with ht tech
    1 gig of ram
    160 gig SATA hard disk and 250 gig SATA hard disk with RAID 0 array (striping)
    256 meg pci-e graphics card
    premiere pro 1.5

    And i render like a champ, well most of the time, only when i am doing alot of special effects in around the same area, which it takes a lil while, but that shouldnt have nothing to do with my harddrive
    Mac G5 workstation with 4 gigs of ram, 4x250 gig drives in raid 5. High availability cluster server running centos for a server. 2xCanon GL2 cameras.

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