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Thread: Striations on Video Captured by Videostudio 8

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    Default Striations on Video Captured by Videostudio 8

    I have just bought a DAC-100 so that I can convert my Hi8 videos to DV/Firewire and thence hopefully be able to edit and burn to DVD.

    I have noticed a problem with Videostudio 8 capturing the Video stream in that quickly moving images e.g. children playing produces what looks like 'tearing' at the edges of movement - in fact there are horizontal striations when seen via a snapshot.

    This occurs on both preview and during capture to disk. No frames nor audio are dropped but the recorded video has the same faults.

    At first I thought it might be a fault within the DAC-100 however I also have Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 that captures video without this problem so it is definitely a Videostudio issue.

    I am running the editors under Windows 2000 SP4. Processor utilisation is fairly low not exceeding about 60% on peaks whilst capturing to disk. There is around 480MB of physical RAM out of 768MB available and the peak commit charge has not even reached the available RAM so there is plenty available.

    Both editors use the same 'Microsoft DV Camera and VCR' driver version 5.0.2183.1. The issue must therefore be within the Videostudio however I have not found anyone else that has had this problem. It may be some configuration issue or even OS compatibility that needs to be tweaked.

    Can anyone help as the force seems weak in this area.



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    That's not a fault. It's an effect called interlacing, normally noticed on raw captured footage; when you edit and author DVD's from your videos, the software will automatically apply a deinterlace filter (unless you specifically opt not to)

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