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Thread: Making audio go surround in sony vegas

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    Default Making audio go surround in sony vegas

    alright well i am decent with sony vegas. Highschool student hear. Alright i want to do sort of like surround sound so the music will go from 1 speaker to another like you would hear in theaters any ideas? like i was thinking just adjust audio to switch for right side to the left side at a certain part of the sound etc. Any other ideas.. also where do you adjust weather the music is playing out of the right or left side. And is it possible to make it play over.. so Make it go from like left side to the right making it sound like its going around you. I heard it can be done i just want some detail.

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    For basic left and right speaker control see screencasts at

    To work in surround go to File - Properties - Audio Tab

    Then select Surround 5.1 from the "Master Bus Mode" drop down.

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    Default ok

    so if i were to do what you said set it to surround 5.1 will it actually make it surround or is that just settings.. becuase will it no on certain parts of the music to u no go around from left to right

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    Once you have converted your project to 5.1 surround, you'll notice that instead of just a pan (Left - Right) control on the sound tracks, there is a box where you can drag the sound. It has a small icon showing where the sound is in relation to the listener. Right clicking that box gives several options of what type of surround you want. There are loads of ways to achieve a sound moving around, including real-time recording and mixing. Remember though, to hear the results you have to have a 5.1 surround card and speaker system set up. Remember also that a particular sound, perhaps an aircraft engine going overhead front to back, will be better if recorded independently so you can move it independently. You might just finish up moving the whole soundtrack otherwise.

    Check back if you need more help.


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