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Thread: Losing audio when writing DVD in Studio 8

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    Default Losing audio when writing DVD in Studio 8

    I've used Studio 8 for about 18 months and ploughed on through hangs, crashes, etc. Up till recently I could get the system to eventually write a DVD OK but not any longer.

    I'm transfering from analogue (VHS, 8mm or Hi using the DC10 card then editing and writing the DVD. I'm on Studio V8.12 which I guess is the last version. My current project has stretched on and on as the audio on DVD is almost inaudible. Through the capture and editing processes the sound is fine. The audio tracks show up at normal levels as does the external audio I add to menues, titles and stills. I can fade audio OK and move clips, etc. When I play through the DVD player in Studio before I burn everything sounds fine.

    But when playing the DVD I've burnt on my normal player the video is what I expect but the audio is only just audible even with the volume turned to maximum! The player still plays my previous projects OK and I guess the burn is OK as the video looks good and the audio is there just at much too low a volume.

    Pinnacle tech support have not been able to suggest any cure.

    Anyone out there who can suggest what could be wrong?

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    I've had a lot of problems with audio in Studio 8, particularly when adding background music. Like you, it all seemed fine in preview mode but was either jerky or sometimes completely absent from the final DVD. In the end, I found that the trick was to ensure that everything was captured, edited and rendered with the same bit rate. So, for example, try and ensure that you capture and render with 48 kHz PCM as your sound format.

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