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Thread: Elements DVD Burning - serious error message

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    Default Elements DVD Burning - serious error message


    I'm trying to burn my first DVD using Elements. It sets up OK, confirms the DVD is ready etc but when I click BURN, I get the message: "Sorry, a serious error has occurred which requires Adobe premiere Elements to close down. We will try to recover your file."

    I'm using a new PC with plenty of capability and no other software (bar windows linked stuff) on it and it's not online.

    Suggestions/help much appreciated.


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    I've had this problem a few times when I haven't rendered, and when I've ignored the 'you have overlapping titles' message on the scene menu. Don't know if either of those things are your problem, but that's what's happened to me.

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    Hi Playlord

    Would you give us the spec of your pc, have you updated any drivers or codecs recently, have you had to reinstall windows again and some more details about how you captured the original video from I presume a camcorder onto your pc. Also what file formats you are using and any other settings you have used (yes, I know it's a long list but the more detail you provide the easier it will be to find an answer).

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