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    Default Scuba Video

    I am an amateur hobbyist, but always looking to improve. I make scuba videos of my dive vacations. My goal is not commercial, just entertainment.

    I am a regular on the various underwater video boards. I've heard opinions from other scuba divers, but not much from non-divers. One of the members here suggested posting on this board.

    The video is approx. 8 minutes long, 20 mb, in Windows "wmv" format.

    Right click and "save target as" to download the video.

    Download Scuba Video

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    Apart from the opening chat soundtrack being crackly (or is it my player?) I found this absoultely amazing. The diversity of fish is brilliant. The crab eating - wow, the flat thing (manta ray?) eating and (spitting out?) - just wow, loved it. The shoal - looked great and like an effect. Great music, well shot (if a little shakey at times), but overall, I just loved it. Fascinating, would love to see more!

    (Welcome to the board by the way, I hope you stick around and post more)

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    no it wernt your player!

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    Default nice shootin

    Hi Ronrosa,

    It was probably me that recommended this site to you (from the wetpixel forum?)

    Liked your vid. Sound was breaking up a bit on the topside shots at the start.

    I know that some species dont like us to get too close but....maybe a few less fully-zoomed shots. They can be quite shaky.

    I've just started re editing some old scuba vids for web (from 30 mins mpegs down to less than 5 min long WMVs) as web creates a bigger audience than giving out discs. You'll find them

    and here

    Most recently tried narrating the footage rather than just music. That def helps the audience follow the story.

    hope to see more stuff from you.

    What camera and housing you using?
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    Default Re: nice shootin

    Yes, I did have problems with my topside footage, both audio and video.

    Keeping my camcorder still is a big challenge, especially if there is current flowing and/or no place to firmly anchor myself.

    This was probably my best video as I had good footage and kind of created a story line with "Shangrila". I haven't gotten into narration.

    Topside footage was shot with a Canon Elura. Underwater footage shot with a Sony TRV900 and Gates housing.

    Here is another video, but there is no real story line. Just footage edited with a soundtrack.

    Right click and "save target as" to download.

    Another Video

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    Keeping camera steady

    I cheat by keeping it attached to the tripod and having a heavyish weight clamped to one of the legs.

    Poor man's steady cam. It works pretty well if you know where to hold the camera.

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    As Turnmedia. +

    5.12 the moon shot WOW and now night time

    8 mins of underwater filming, normally i would have falled asleep, but this is spot on editing and cuts are just right

    Users films just get better and better

    If you release a hi res version mate let me know please
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