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Thread: Analog Camcorder To My Computer With Tv Card?

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    Default Analog Camcorder To My Computer With Tv Card?

    Hi all,

    I have a analog camcorder and want to use some of the things i've filmed on my computer. SO i was wondering if i was to buy a Hauppauge WinTV Go (VE-000-HA) Tv card i could do this?
    Link to card :-

    My graphics card wil not allow me to connect my camcorder to it thats why i need a tv card i think?

    Also what software would i need to make some films?

    If anyone has and other suggestions then please let me know thank you

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    I'm not familiar with the particular cards but ( has the following to say about it

    "WinTV-GO is a low cost WinTV PCI card that brings TV and the functions of professional Teletext, which include DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) that allows you to update information via Teletext into spreadsheets, frame and AVI video capture to your PC.

    The Go is ideal for capturing your favorite clips via the composite video in, also connect your Playstayion, VCR, DVD and Cam-Corder. Videoconference over the Internet using NetMeeting that enables you to communicate with friends or colleagues (requires optional camera)."

    so i guess the answer is "Yes, you can use this card for analogue video capture"

    As for software. If you use Windows XP (and you p[robably should for video editting) then you should already have Windows Movie Make 2. It will do the job fine.

    I would suggest you read Mark's guides on the subject. You might want to start at to start with.

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    Thank you for your help and info.


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    I recently got pinnacle PCTV rave but it just came out real blurry and pixelated (though it claims perfect quality). i would think the same thing would happen with wintv. if i am late and you already have it, please tell me how good the quality is? thanks

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