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Thread: XP doesn't recognise all my memory?

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    Default XP doesn't recognise all my memory?

    Hi Guys...

    PC Spec

    Asus NCCH-DL Mobo (with latest bios), 2.8 xeons, asus geforce gfx, canopus dvstorm2, Fresh install of XP pro sp2, All windows updates, all drivers installed, only editing software (IE no games or other conversion tools etc).


    I have 4 X 1gb "Matrix" strips of memory (purchased together with sequential serial numbers IE these 4 strips followed each other of the production line), all are picked up at boot and in bios... But when you go to properties of my computer it only display 3.6gb?

    So I tried every combination possible... (IE each strip by itself, then two strips then 3 etc) each time every strip is picked up as "1gb" (and when 2 are installed 2gb is displayed, 3=3gb but when you put the 4th piece of memory in (and it doesnt matter which one...) it only goes to 3.6?

    I guess it doesnt really matter, as 3.6 is plent anyway! and the fact that its picked up in bios I guess it is using all 4gb???

    Just thought Id post his to see if anyone had any ideas/suggestions for me to try out...


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    Before i even opened the topic i new if you had 4GB of ram it would cause problems i heard itís something to do with windows not being able to recognize it all.

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    Thanks Marc!... Found this on the link you posted...I guess this is my problem below!!!

    Looks like I should upgrade to 2003!!!

    "....the ole 4gb maximum Windows memory requirements.

    Well, may have to do with the fact that Windows can only see 4gb of ram period...system ram, and virtual ram. Since you have 4096 of system ram, and your pagefile is've passed the Windows memory limits. Remember, Windows sees the pagefile as system memory.

    The only solution you could try to get Windows to see all of your ram, would be to shut off the pagefile.

    For those of you using Windows Server 2003, the mem limit: 32 bit - 32Gb...64 bit - 64Gb. Seeing as only a few dual CPU motherboards even come close to this, offering support up to 20Gb of ram....W2003 has no issues with the requirements.

    Also take note, that with 4 x 1 gig memory modules, the latency (clock cycle time) is slower than 512mb modules. Your system would perform faster with 4x512mb (2gig), than 4x1gb (4gig)."

    Cheers for the link Marc!

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    Again, less is more!

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    this is a cmommon issue with most maxed out boards. If your board says it will take 4gig theat 4gig will never show up entirely, similarly if you had 8gig. Just wont show up - it is there and its is used but the hardware translates it as being les but does give u full performance.

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