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    I am not sure what I did wrong. I could create a "Text" Media Generators without any problems and I can edit the text before but I cannot do it anymore. when I click on "edit generated media" of the text frame, it just opens up "Video Event FX" on the left bottom side. how can I get in to text editing dialog to edit the text as before. thank you!

    Ps. I have tried all others, "Credit Roll" " solid color" ...all open up the same "Video Event FX". thank you!

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    At the end of the video track you should have three symbols. Starting from bottom - Event FX - Event Pan/Crop - Generated Media.

    Click Generated Media symbol and this will open the editing box.

    If the box shows in the bottom left corner, it sounds like you have locked it into the bottom left panel. Simply drag it away by holding onto the 6 dots stacked on top of each other (left side).

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