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    For the last couple of months I've been capturing video via ADS DVD Xpress and burning it to DVD. I have mostly captured old VHS recordings and family videos, but now I want to play around a bit with editing.

    I recently got a Satellite Receiver with built-in PVR and have been recording Pay Per View events to the receiver's HD, capturing and eventually burning to DVD. What I want to do now is record events to the hard disk, capture it and edit out the comercials before burning it to DVD. What software do I need to do this sort of thing? The capture device came with Ulead Movie Factory 3 SE, but it doesn't seem to be what I need (or I don't know how to use it correctly, LOL). Any software recommendation simple enough for a newbie to use?

    PS My system specs (if it matters)

    Intel Centrino 1.6 GHz/1GB RAM/ 60 & 250 GB HD's/ Audigy NoteBook/ ATI X300 128 MB/ Win XP Home SP2

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    If you just want to cut adverts out of MPEG2 content, then all you need is videoredo.

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    Use this:

    It's free (donations accepted) and in my opinion for edting and features it reigns supreme. It opens AVI & MPEG. It will capture AVI as well. I reccommend the "Release build -- 1.6.17 (stable), 32-bit version" (for 32 bit systems of course) but a 64 bit one is available. There is even a support forum. You don't get much finer than that!

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