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    I am sure for most of you guys out there this is just a simple question but for someone starting out i would appreciate the input. what i would like to know is when they shoot a music video how do they get the singer in all different clothes and keep the whole thing in sync with the person singing at the same time? when they are shooting a music video do they have the music playing in the background like on a CD or something then once back on the computer dub it over?

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    Exactly correct.

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    So is it correct to say they have to shoot the same video like 10 times with the person wearing different clothes each time? If that is the case then surely a video shoot would take weeks to do and put it all together, i still do not understand how they get all the parts together and get the whole thing in sync.


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    I'm assuming you have a particular music video in mind. It could be that the 'singer' was chroma keyed.

    Singer on all music videos are simply miming to the music.

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