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    Default Power Supply

    Does it matter what kind of power supply you get?

    i'm thinking of getting this case which comes with Antec's SmartPower 2.0 power supply. I heard Antec'c TruePower power supply was rated rather highly.

    does it matter in the long run? i don't ever really hear people discuss the pwoer supplies, so i'm thinking the one that comes with this case is sufficient.

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    Do NOT skimp on the power supply. If you're buying a top end CPU and graphics card, ensure the PSU is certified as working with the chip - otherwise you run the risk of not supplying sufficient juice.

    Noise is also a big factor in choosing the PSU best suited to you. Do not make the error of thinking the PSU is a way to save money.

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    Default Power supply

    Like Marc said, "Do NOT skimp on the power supply."
    I looked at the specs on the SmartPower 2 and they look pretty good and have a high rating. I don't think you'll have any problems.
    Here are some Reviews of it from


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