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Thread: Our 2nd attempt

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    Default Our 2nd attempt

    Hi All,

    Been looking at your clips on here and have been impressed with your filmmaking.

    As a total newbee to all this i thought i would see what you think of my 2nd project to come out of Vegas 6.

    The story goes... we have just got a new camera and the other half has been taking it to work to mess about with. We have now decided to make it in to a comedy/documentary type thing, but have only got as far as the opening title sequence.

    We thought it had turned out quite well but would like your views!
    I know the people in the film mean nothing to you but hopefully when the people get to see the finished project, thet will like it a lot.

    All the best
    STampie & Nicky.

    File size is 5.9mb

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    I'll be brutally honest, then go and hide.

    It started of quite promising. Clear, readable text with sensible effects, then an intriguing first 5 seconds of video. You got me hooked in the first 5 seconds.

    But then we were introduced to a whol host of different people that looked like they'd rather not be filmed. It also looked like you'd slowed the clips down.

    I say roll with the style you set yourself in the first 5 seconds. Up the pace...

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    For me it was ok. Good titles, great opener, editing fine. For me the slo-mo is also ok. But Marc is right about the reactions of people on cam. I would try and choose your shots a bit more carefully. Apart from (what I assume is the boss and therefore is probably a grumpy so and so), it would be far better if they had a good reaction to the lens. Bearing in mind we don't know them, I suppose they all might be grumpy and therefore miserable or avoidance shots might well be funny to the people who do? If that's the case, maybe subtitle their names accordingly?

    Keep trying though, it's got promise.

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    Thanks for your comments guys.

    You are right, the peeps in the video did not want to be filmed at all, but that was why I was trying to get the "mean" Mission Impossible style theme across.

    I am sure that when people see it they will chuckle!
    Just gotta finish the rest of it now!

    Cheers again


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    i thought your video was good and well put together i donít think the people look that bad itís only because it was slowed down i think thatís what gave it that kind of look.

    well done for your 2nd attempt

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