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Thread: Extracting a picture from video

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    Default Extracting a picture from video

    I would like to take a picture from the video so i can create a title.Imagion a movie when they do an action scene at the begining.
    Man running then as he jumps the freeze the screen and it says "Micheal Douglas as Nick" well thats what i want to do to mine.
    Help me, Im New.

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    Yep, this is easy and this is how I do it:

    Go to the desired frame. Razor at the edit point. Jog one frame forward and razor again. Now shift the footage after the out point to the right, making room on the timeline. Reduce the speed of the clip so that it lasts as long as you want the tittle to last.

    I'm happy to explain in more detail if you're new to Premiere.
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