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Thread: MM2 help PLEASE!!!!

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    Default MM2 help PLEASE!!!!

    hey guys, ive been usng windows moviemaker 2 for a while and its been fine, but when i went on today as soon as i added an effect/title/etc the program closed down! i tried it numerous times and no change, is there anyway i may have accidently clicked a button that makes this happen? anyone else had this problem? thanks JEFF

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    Hate posting links to offer solutions, but my experience of WMM2 is limited to a cursory, "yep, does the job" look. Anyway, for WMM2 troubleshooting, you might want to take a look at
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    It could be a memory problem. Did you install any programs since it started happening. Lots of applications take up memory even if you're not using them. What's your computer specs and operating system?

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    lol sorted the problem, instead of finding out what it was etc i just used the system restore and went back a few days and it fixed its self...pretty weird lol thanks anyway


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