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    Default Recording heads

    Being new to videography I've been reading every thing i can about the subject, and one thing thats got me concerned is a tip i read in Digital Video mag.about tapes. I was told to "stripe" the tape before filming which meant ,keeping the lens cap on and recording a black film !!
    Picture the scene-- Im going to video a wedding and say im going to use 10 tapes ( 10hrs ) if i stripe the 10 tapes =10hrs then record the 10tapes=10hrs then download the 10tapes to PC = 10hrs then end up with 1hrs film how many hours filming can i expect to produce before i have to replace the recording heads or worse the camera

    My Cam. is a Canon XM2

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    I've never striped a tape in my life. It hasn't killed me yet. It's one of those 'top tips' the 'experts' like to spout to fill up magazine space. The only advantage is an unbroken time code. To me, you're taking a brand new tape and making it a used one.

    More importantly, why are you using 10 tapes for one wedding?? Thats a lot of footage to edit.

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    Default Striping tapes

    Hi Marc -- 10 tapes was just a hypothetical figure to try and work out the

    mathematics Alex C

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