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Thread: Can you just rename a VOB extension to MPG?

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    Default Can you just rename a VOB extension to MPG?

    Is it possible that I can just rename the extension of a VOB file to MPG?

    The reason I ask is that I'm having trouble capturing analogue video via my Videosafe device. It drops frames and so on and is generally crap.

    What I want to do is run my analogue source into a DVD recorder and then drag the files off the DVD. I've tried this already and the recorder creates VOB files.

    I don't want to edit the files I just want to arrange them in Encore so they can be played from my custom menu.

    Trouble is Encore doesn't like VOB files.

    Any thoughts?

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    Strange considering vob files are actually essentially mpeg .
    To answer your question directly, Yes it is possible ( and I do it all the time) but that doesnt mean Encore will still like it . Give it a go ,you have nothing to lose .Im not a great Encore fan: Im far too simple( )
    DVDWS certainly doesnt mind vob, or mpg2 .. whatever you choose to call it. There are vob to mpeg converters free, expensive but available if encore says no. Most NLEs ( im not sure of Premiere Elements!) and certainly Uleads budget Movie Factory 3 & 4 happily take vobs as starting material. If your needs are simple. try DVD Shrink in its reauthoring mode.
    PS Try this It wont replace encore but is handy for simple projects and is dead cheap ( Ok ...affordable )
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    Cheers senu, I'm going to give the rename business a try when I get home tonight so I'll post my findings later.

    If all else fails I might give that Ulead software a try, cheers for the link.

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    Renamed the VOB to MPG and Encore was more than happy with it.

    Problem was it took ages to Transcode whilst trying to make the DVD. It took an hour and then I got fed up waiting and cancelled it.
    Should it take so long to transcode a 20 minute MPG?

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    Youre getting there!! Dont give up . As I earlier stated Encore is really not my forte but it may well be worth finding out from the settings within Encore exactly what it is trying to do with the mpeg as it commits its "assets" on the timeline to DVD. Perhaps there is the option to not alter dvd compliant mpegs . This would considerably shorten dvd authoring time.
    Could be that it is trying to reencode it to a different bitrate etc for compatibility. I think the solution may be ( if possible) to ask Encore not to alter the file if it likes it and only encode its own menu. I may reinstall Encore just to see if we can become friends but the ease of use of DVD Workshop just agrees with the simpleton in me!
    Certainly over 1 hr for a 20 min clip coming from mpeg seems a bit long. You could leave it overnight to find out just how long it takes.
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    Cheers senu.

    Good idea about telling Encore not to transcode, I did look at that but the option 'Don't Transcode' was greyed out and I had to choose something.

    I might try the Ulead software.

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    Cool, I didn't realize you could rename a VOB without re-encoding it.
    I just tried loading a VOB strait into a timeline in Encore and it works.
    It doesn't even need transcoded.

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    Senu, I have been copying family movies to my computer using the Pinnacle dazzle, then I burn them to dvd. my question is there are 4 files (vob) one of the files I needed to edit out some unwanted footage. I used windows live gallery to trim it out then I save it to a movie file. Can I burn both vob and movie files to a dvd? or how do you suggest I keep the 4 files together? there is vob1, 2 and 3 the fourth is the one I edited. so to keep them playing on the dvd chronologically don't they have to be the same file extension? thanks

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