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    Hey, Somewhat of a newbie here. ^^;;

    I have a question. I recently found myself in posession of some DV files, that need to be hosted online. I would like to convert them into something a bit more recognizable, like .avi, and also to lower the size, and quality, making it feasable to download these suckers.

    Are there any trial - freeware / shareware apps out there that can help me do this without plastering an 'unregistered' watermark all over the clip?


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    yes there are plenty out there, go on to and search for avi converter - or anything along those lines, then just search through the results, each one has a little note saying if it has a watermark etc so just find one that doesnt, i find "MPEGvideoconvert" a good one to use

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    For a freeware application, you could do worse than try out Windows Media Encoder - review and guide at This will produce WMV encoded output which will be playable on almost any Windows box.

    You could also try the DivX or Xvid codecs. A nice little application to convert to DivX is Dr DivX:

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