Hi, this is a continuation/copy from the Perfect Video PC forum where I got help putting a system together which I thought was working fine, but alas not, maybe a software problem?

'I put together a video with Windows Movie Maker which crashed on me whilst saving to pc. The file size was about 14G and after about 75minutes, 70% complete as displayed, it crashed writing to the pc. I tried again and exactly the same happened with a Dr. Watson report generated and the only way out was to exit. I thought I'd try deleting some of the earlier practice video clips in case of space problems, silly really 'cos theres >100G spare on the disk, but I deleted parts of my video and now the great epic is in ruins!! Anyway I can re-import from the camcorder and re-do it but whats wrong with my system...is the file size too big (I'm on 160G hard drive with NFTS), were there too many transition/effects (>50), can wmm handle this sort of job??? I suppose I could email MicroSoft if I could capture the report at the end, but not sure how responsive they are. I might try with smaller files to confirm a size limit. Any thoughts/suggestions most appreciated.

My spec is
ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe S939.
Athlon 64Bit 3200+
1024MB DDR400
160GB 7200RPM ATA 8MB cache
Win XP