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Thread: Clean up audio crackle

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    Default Clean up audio crackle

    I need to clean up crackle from audio.

    What's a good, "one button" solution. I.e. I don't want to examine cosine waveforms, and define upper and lower resonant hertz ranges and harmonic oscillations algorithms in inverse waveform cancellations.

    All I need is a clean crackle button.

    Preferably free.

    I have Adobe Premiere, but I hate it as it looks like my only option using this program is what I described above. Which I can't. I tried denoiser, but I have no idea how to do it. I'd love a decrackle filter.

    Any ideas on options/programs?
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    Try this link and look for "depopper", about halfway down the page. 30 day trial by the looks of it.

    Good Luck!

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    Also, as an alternative to try, the trial of Adobe Audition has some filters that will definitely help.

    You will find though that to get perfect results (if at all possible) you will have to step away from the 'single button press' ideal. These filters will likely need some fine tuning for (so called) "best results".

    oh and if this crackling you are describing happens to be wind noise against the microphone then good luck. We're all still looking for that particular silver bullet.

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    Hi Gold,

    Could you be a bit more precise about what you mean by crackle? Is it wind hitting against the microphone as Alan describes or is it static, or what exactly, with a bit more info we may be able to guide you in the right direction or what frequencies you need to be looking at to get rid of the problem.

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