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Thread: iPod Video question

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    Default iPod Video question

    Please note that this thread is not an excuse to go iPod bashing!! Be consructive please.

    Right, now that that's over...

    My kid is hinting at an iPod for Xmas. probably just the ads onthe TV. I've noticed the new video version so wondered if anyone here is familiar at all with the best (or 'only' if the case may be) workflow to converting files for mpeg4 playback on an iPod.

    At the moment it looks like Quicktime Pro is the only codec.

    Is iPod the way to go? what might be better? etc etc

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    The iPod is the best mp3 player on the market right now, especially with the videos just coming out. I have a video ipod, and there is more than just quicktime pro to make the mpeg4s. I use a program called handbrake that imports DVDs straight to your itunes library, but its only for mac. Im sure theres a program like that for PC.
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