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Thread: Questions from a New DVD burner.

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    Default Questions from a New DVD burner.

    Two questions...

    What is the difference between DVD-R/+R? Which one should i use so that it can be played on a DVD player at home.

    Also, does anyone have any good DVD creating software in which i can put a .avi file that i edited onto a DVD. I tried something called Super DVD creator 8.0... That didnt work cause the audio skipped on all the discs burnt. So if anyone has a program that they use, could they please tell me the name?


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    I've found that the difference is only minor.

    DVD+ (developed by SONY) allows multiple layers for one disc where as DVD- (developed by Pioneer) doesn't.

    By minor, I mean that for most of us it doesn't have a massive bearing.

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    When buring DVDs to be played on a DVD player connected to a TV must only +/- R media be used or can +RW media be used?

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    Im not sure about this but i think its right- DVD Rs can play in most DVD players and DVD RW can only play in new players and computers (forgive me if im wrong)

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    Default In my experience ...

    ... it really does depend on the type of player you have and how old it is. Some newer players will play almost any type of media; some are more particular. Check the manual to find out more.
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    For compatibility's sake, I'd say stick with R rather than RW discs.

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    I agree with Mike Thorpe on this one and add that I have had more success with compatibility of -R than any other format. Again, it all depends on the players.

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