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Thread: Matrox RT.X100Xtreme with socket 939 mobo?

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    Default Matrox RT.X100Xtreme with socket 939 mobo?

    I just bought a new RT.X100 and put it into the system last night. After installing all the drivers and plug-ins, the system switched off, of its own accord. Every time I switch the computer on, Windows loads up and stays on for a minute or two and then switches itself off.

    So I've taken out the RT.X100, but left all the drivers and plug-ins installed, and the computer hasn't switched off.

    I have now realised how stupid I was not to check in advance whether the RT.X100 is compatible with my motherboard. It is the ECS KV2 Extreme.

    I was intending to replace the motherboard with a better model anyway, as I want to have more RAM and the PCI Parhelia and so on. To this end, I have just ordered the AMD FX-57 processor.

    The problem is, the FX-57 is socket 939, and I've just looked at the list of motherboards that have been validated for use with the RT.X100, and none of them are socket 939!

    So my question is, what should I do? Any advice here would be appreciated. I really want to build the best, fastest and most stable system I can, and thanks to a recent windfall, money isn't much of an issue. So how should I proceed?

    Please help!

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    The fx processor is a very good one,if you wish to keep it I would suggest using the asus 939 based sli preium mother board approx 125.00.
    As to ram I would suggest two GB.(two stick matching)
    The next things to add will depend on what will the computer be used for

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    There's far too many horror stories over at the Matrox forums about people coming to grief with non compatible hardware.

    My recommendation is to definitely NOT steer away from the compatible h/w list at all. i.e. ONLY have h/w on the compatible list.

    If you choose a mobo that's not on the list and one day you have a technical question to ask matrox you just know what they will say. They will have no sympathy for those who do not read the compatibility list.

    About 18 months ago I got one of these cards and great it is too. But the amount of horror stories on the Matrox web site frightened me a bit and I ended up getting a recommended vendor to build my complete system. To their credit, I've not had a moments grief from the system.

    Also, pay attention to which PCI slot the card must be fitted into.

    To be honest and i say this respectufully to the members at these forums, but you are much better adivised to ask this particular question at the Matrox forums themselves where they are much more experienced at dealing with this card and it's compatibillity issues.

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