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Thread: Shooting Videos in poor light.

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    Default Shooting Videos in poor light.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the best results when shooting outside in poor light.I am using a Sharp VL-Z8.I am not technically minded but would just like to improve my home videos.

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    Hi Nickg

    When u say poor light, do you mean an overcast day, dusk, the middle of the night? I don't know that particular camera you have but does it have a backlight compensation button, an iris control etc to let more light in through the iris? Are you planning on shooting people, buildings? Try and get some light source onto your subject, whether its street lightling, shop front windows, displays, a small light either on top of your camera or get someone to hold one with its own battery pack. Or if you're feeling really adventureous and have the money or contacts then you could use lights on tripods like the ones you see on building sites. They usually consist of a sturdy yellow tripod with two 500W photo floods attached. The downside is you'll need a power source and they need someone to look after them while you're filming.

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    Use gain settings on the camera and fiddle with contrast / brightness in the editor, sometimes works acceptably but always increases the noise.

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