Get in on the iPod and Playstation Portable Frenzy at HungryFlix.com

Are you a content provider who believes you’ve already tapped into every potential market?
Think again! The wave of the future has arrived, in the form of portable video players. Industry estimates place Sony Playstation Portables (PSPs) at 10 million units worldwide and growing. Sony’s rival in the portable video player market, Apple, projects that it will sell 9.4 million units of its iPod in the fourth quarter of 2005 alone. Combined, those figures represent a potential base of almost 20 million customers by the end of the 2005 holiday season. Many of these PSP and iPod owners will be receiving the units for Christmas and will be hungry for your content in the New Year. That’s where HungryFlix.com enters the picture. As the Internet’s first distributor of premium, independent video content exclusively targeted to iPods and PSPs, we bring that ever-expanding market straight to you.

What type of content are you seeking?
As long as it can be formatted for playing on a PSP or iPOD, we are seeking independent content from a wide variety of genres. If you’re a provider of any of the following video content, we’d like to speak with you:

• Full-length features
• Short films
• Music videos
• Documentaries
• Animated features
• How-to videos
• Sports content
• Classic films
• TV episodes
• Children’s content
• Amateur videos
• …and so much more

What if my content is not currently iPod or PSP compatible?
Not to worry. HungryFlix.com provides step-by-step tutorials for converting your content into the proper formats. If you prefer not to convert your content yourself, for a small fee, we will tackle the task for you.

How much will it cost me versus how much I will earn?
HungryFlix.com is designed to provide content providers with an extra source of income. As such, membership is 100% free. We provide hosting, marketing, technical assistance and unsurpassed customer service at no charge. You even set the download price of your content. Each time a HungryFlix.com member downloads your content, you earn a 60% cut of that price. Payments are made on a monthly basis via PayPal or check and download statistics are always at your disposal so you can track your content’s selling performance.

HungryFlix.com is slated to launch in December 2005, just in time for the holiday season. However, we are currently seeking content providers so we can begin feeding our member’s hunger frenzy as soon as they sign up. If you’re a content provider who would like to get in on the iPod/PSP craze at its inception, contact us today at info@hungryflix.com.