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    I need help rendering a video I made. I can't figure out how to do it correctly. The video is about 3:30 secs long, I want to render it as a wmv, and I intend to put it online. But when I try to render it, it comes out very blurry whenever anything is moving. The original video is not blurry. Plus the file size is 465 MB when I render it. I'd just like to know how to make the render look good, but still have a small enough file size for online viewing.


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    When you rendered your project, which options did you select?

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    I put the Video Rendering Quality at Best, Put the Video Mode to "CBR (Two Pass)" and put the video smoothness up all the way. I left the rest default. Then I think I put the Bit Rate to Internet/LAN at 3 M. I was just guessing when I did this. Apparently I didn't guess right.

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    465meg when you render.... Thats big for the web!

    Have you considered encoding to flash for the web. There are lots of programmes that will do this -

    What you need is;

    1) Find and upload a flash player to your website (several available)
    2) Encode your video using an encoder
    3) Upload the encoded .flv video to your site (same folder as the flash player)
    4) Add the html code to your web page to display the video

    This would create a smaller file suitable for the web.

    Just a thought.

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    As odd as it is even in a professional enviorment I have found the best way to encode wmv's for web is to use windows movie maker. - Sounds silly but it's simple and workds well - the file size v's image qualty is second to none.

    Simply render your movie as an avi then open that in windows movie maker - save to compuetr and select the desired settings.

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    For web use I suggest 320 x 240, bit rate 500k, set to 'sharpest'. Windows encoder appears to give very slightly better quality to me compared to rendering in vegas, but I find it slow so I usually use vegas.

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