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    Hi, any chance of some advice please.

    I am trying to create my first DVD and I have captured the movie into Pinnacle Expression instant suite. I have combined scenes and I was trying to write the movie to an 8x speed 120min video DVD+R. My DVD writer write speed is 16x. Details of the saved movie in Pinnacle are, DVD quality 63%, time remaining 30 sec, 1 hour 19 mins and 99% full. The problem has been that when I first tried to write the DVD it took 3 hours to do 15% of creating disc content then on my second attempt it took 5 hours to do 25% of writing disc content. I have an AMD Athlon 1.24ghz processor and the instructions detail a Pentium or AMD processor.

    Thanks, in anticipation.

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    Assuming you captured to Pinnacle in DV and edited the resulting AVI file, it sounds like Pinnacle is converting to MPEG2 in order to squidge your Multi-Gigabyte masterpiece onto a 4 Gig DVD - this takes time - lots of time !

    Even a 3 GHz machine might take 3 or 4 hours to render an hours video to MPEG2 if you're going for top quality.

    If Pinnacle will let you, create a DVD image on your hard drive first, then you can write the image to DVD at 8x - and you can write more copies from the same image if you want

    So just be patient and let your machine take its time to do the MPEG encoding - you can leave it running overnight

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    Your computer is on the slow side with only a 1.24ghz cpu, you would need at least a 2.6ghz to kick ass and 1GB of memory along with a Front Side Bus speed of 800mhz. Personally, I would go for a 256mb graphics card for previews, quick redraws and rendering transitions and SFX.

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    Thanks Gentle and Nikosony,

    I think I will take Gentle’s advice and leave it running one afternoon, evening and night if need be. Do you think its better for me in the future to write 3 or 4 smaller movies to DVD – RW and to take the risk it won’t play in the household DVD player? Can you put 3 or 4 movies on a re writable DVD? Sorry Nikosony, you lost me just into the second sentence of your reply.


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