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Thread: I need international video clips from you.

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    Default I need international video clips from you.

    Now this may be a very unusual topic but i hope you read it anyway.

    I'm a 19-year-old student from Germany and next year i will finish school with my final exam, the so-called "Abitur" in germany. After this, all of us pupils do something for this sepcial event. We print T-Shirts, make a magazine (something like yearbooks in the US) and on our last day in school, we throw a party for all the pupils. On this Party we also show a short comedy-video, and it's my job to make it.

    Because our main theme for all this is the book "Illuminati" by Dan Brown, we plan to tell the story of us students as a secret organization in this video. And i had the idea, of beginning the film with some sort of homevideos from different countries, where we see some people at there normal day life, but then suddenly discovering something in the sky, and all looking and pointing up, with the camera following them. We can see a light-logo in the sky (Just think of batman, for example). This will be the logo of our pseudo-secret-organization and will be added by me in postproduction.

    Off course i can not travel around to make this myself. So i thought, why not use the world-wide-web to get some international help.

    Plot of the clips:
    All i ask is, just make a short clip outdoor, with some people (it doesn't matter how much) that are doing whatever you like.
    Then they suddenly recognize the logo in the sky and look up, maybe point at it. And the camera looks up to the sky, too.

    It doesn't matter. I shall look like homevideos and you don't need to use extra light or a tripod or anything else.
    But it would be great if there would be anything somehow typical for your country in the background. So don't just stand before a wall, that wouldn't be usefull.
    And it would also be great, if the people in the video and the guy behind the camera woudl say something like "oh my god, whats that" in their specific language. The clip should be 1 min. maximum long.

    You can compress the clip with any codec you want, but leave it in the best quality you can offer.
    Then you can send it to me directy, at
    or you can upload it at or or any other upload site
    or upload it at your own webspace, if you have it and want to use it for this

    I hope, you understand everything i say. I know, it's a very unusual request and i'm asking for some effort (allthough, it's not that much), but if you would help me, this video will be remembered years after i have left the school. And if only some
    of you would help me, this video will become hilarious.
    Off course i will post a link to the final video, when it's done (which will be in May 2006).

    If you have any question or anything else, write me an email

    Thank you for reading.

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    I think this is a fantastic idea! Im REALLy busy at the moment, but if I get some time over the next couple of weeks Ill try and do something for you, would be great to be able to help!

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    thank you very much. i'm looking forward to it.

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    well..i will try as im taking my cam to about 30 kids 2moz!

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    Great idea! I want to contribute!

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    wow, thank you for your support.

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    sorry that i push this thread up, but i really need your help. please.

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