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    Hi all !

    I have been looking into several options for my new (and first) nle workstation, sofar most of the configuration has arrived except for the graphic card wich I just can't decide on. I need some help, because the world of graphic cards is slowly but steadily starting to get to me.

    It has come between the QUADRO FX 1400 and ATI RADEON X850XT, both seem to be admirable cards although in this case the ATI has a 256 mb memory instead of Quadro's 128.

    For semi pro NLE and Photoshop work I doubt there will be much to say about the 128 mb memory difference between the cards, however I noticed that the Quadro does not have a tv/out. Is this true? Does anyone have experience with this or a similar card? I would like to have a decent mid range card instead of a "gamers card" (no offence) making sure it does what it is designed for (Open GL) but previewing the edit on a tv is very important to me.

    Can this be done using the quadro 1300 or 1400 card?

    Any advice is highly appreciated

    My specs:

    INTEL P4 3.4GHz

    ASUS P5AD2-E Premium

    Corsair 2 x 512mb - 5400 C4

    WD 74 GB Sata - system drive

    2 WD or samsung 160 SATA video drives - due next month

    2 x 200 GB IDE backup drives

    chieftec case and some nice fans...

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    The only reason you would want a powerful graphics card is if you are using applications that ues the full potential of the card. NLE's use bugger all of the GFX cards power but 3D appz and some compostiing tools such as after fx do rely on the card. If all you'll be doing is cutting then a satndard card wilol do the trick.

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