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    i captured one hours worth of video footage from my sony handycam (hi 8 ) to my pc using pinnacle studio 9. this is when i stumble, i then changed it to Avi format and it is now 12gb file.

    how can one hour of vid footage turn into 12gb,

    so what do i do next to burn it to dvd obviously i need to compress but 12gb to 4,7 im gunnna loose quality. what software is required also

    sorry for being a newbie and i did have a hunt around the forum first

    thanks inadvance

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    Hi slaine,

    DV AVI format has a higher bitrate. It's better quality than DV. 5 mins of DV footage = 1GB (thoguh you've probably worked that out for yourself )

    Any decent DVD authoring package will convert the AVI into DVD compliant video for you, but be warned, depending on the spec of your PC, it could potentially take several hours to do so!

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